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Actuators & Hydraulic Components
Actuators and Hydraulic Components


Servoactuator performance can dramatically impact the repeatability of your testing and the validity of your test data. That is why test engineers worldwide rely on MTS actuators and hydraulic components to address their most demanding material, structural fatigue and component testing requirements.  These highly reliable, energy-efficient offerings cover everything from high-dynamic time histories to pseudo-static creep of highly brittle materials.

The MTS offering combines high-performance, fatigue-rated actuators with precision-engineered servovalves to ensure that the loads and displacements you direct toward the test article are precisely those applied at every moment in time. We also offer Active Load Abort technology to protect lab personnel and test articles in event of a mechanical malfunction, along with a range of accessories to help you further meet the needs of your application.


Actuator Family - 225w

The family of MTS actuators ranges from Series 244 actuators for precise control of high-frequency motions and forces, to the economical Series 201 actuator for static or low-frequency testing, to heavy-duty rotary actuators that deliver reliable torque generation.  All MTS hydraulic actuators feature fatigue-rated designs, which means they are built to exceed their rated loads for millions of cycles. You can expect highly reliable performance over a long functional life, helping to maximize your uptime and minimize total cost of ownership.

MTS actuators are also engineered for precision. They deliver exceptional fidelity over the full range of motion, along with a superior ability to react to and counteract multiaxial forces. Proprietary materials and processes minimize friction for excellent reliability, wear-resistance and energy-efficiency.



Load Abort - 225w


Damage to an aerospace structural test article can cost a test lab millions of dollars and thousands of lab hours. The stakes are simply too high not to have proactive measures in place to manage a power outage or mechanical malfunction during a test.  The MTS Active Load Abort (ALA) System effectively protects test articles and lab personnel from the excessive — and often uncontrolled — energy present in a test rig when an unexpected event arises.  The MTS ALA System provides complete control over planned loading and unintended unloading of multichannel structural test systems. Combining advanced FlexTest® controls, AeroPro™ software and a unique hydraulic manifold design, the system reduces all actuator loads to a neutral state at precisely the same time, regardless of varying pressures and positions of individual actuators.

MTS also offers more economical passive (conventional mechanical) load abort technology to effectively unload hydraulic pressure in a variety of other structural testing applications. These constant-velocity manifolds protect test articles by incorporating an adjustable orifice that controls the flow rate of hydraulic fluid from each actuator.



252 Servovalve - 225w


Precision-engineered MTS servovalves deliver the high-flow, quick-response and low-distortion performance required to give you absolute control over your hydraulic actuation, helping you uphold the highest levels of test data fidelity possible. Whether you are controlling the position, load or velocity of hydraulic actuators or require careful pressure control, MTS servovalves deliver exceptional resolution and low hysteresis for exacting flow control.

Available in a wide range of flow ratings, these high-quality servovalves feature rugged designs to ensure long operating life, even in demanding test environments. Internal filtration protects nozzle orifices from contamination, and high spool driving forces reduce the risk of sticking due to dirty fluid.



Swivel - closed-loop servohydraulic testing fatigue-rated swivels


Confidently meet the demands of closed-loop servohydraulic testing with MTS swivels. These fatigue-rated swivels are precision-engineered to deliver the strength, durability and versatility required for optimal performance in a variety of structural testing applications.  MTS Series 249 and 249N swivels integrate seamlessly with our actuator assemblies, seismic systems and simulation tables. Available in a range of force ratings and sizes and either with or without backlash adjustment, MTS swivels offer high axial stiffness for exceptional high-frequency testing.

Most important, MTS swivels are optimized to deliver flawless performance and high reliability over years of heavy use. Fatigue-resistant ductile iron minimizes weight and maximizes strength. Maintenance-free, non-metallic bearings reduce friction, eliminate the need for lubrication and increase lifespan.